Who Is He?

Dakota Rogers, a beloved teenager from Kansas City known for his warm heart, and love for his dog, tragically lost his life due to gun violence on October 16, 2022. His untimely passing has deeply saddened our community but seamlessly brought us together.

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Our Why

The Dakota Rogers Project is designed as a place of healing, for people to gather and share stories and celebrate friendships. We do this because we believe no one should go through tough times alone, and together, we can overcome the hardships.

Our Vision

In remembrance of Dakota Rogers, we are dedicated to spreading awareness about the impact of such incidents in our communities. We envision the creation of a pet friendly park to be built in the northland area to honor the passing of Dakota.

About us

Collectively, the Dakota Rogers project team want to create a difference. We want to ensure that Dakota Rogers memory lives on forever. We are striving to create a positive impact on the community around us. 

Care creates community

Your time, effort and donations (of any kind) are appreciated more than we can ever express